Eastern MA Lacrosse Officials Association
Eastern MA Lacrosse Officials Association

EMLOA Schools and Assigners

Schools are listed alphabetically. Assigners noted to the right.

Note: Some schools may have multiple assigners - Varsity has one assigner, Sub-varsity may have a different assigner, so make sure you check the Level (middle column).




Team Name Level Assigner
Abington Var/JV Maguire
Acton Boxboro Var/JV/Fr Hill
Algonquin Var/JV/JV1/Fr Benson
AMSA Charter Var/JV/Fr Benson
Andover VarJV/Fr Hill
Applewild JV/MS Benson
Apponequet Var/JV Tighe
Archbishop Williams Var/JV Tighe
Arlington Var/JV Hill
Arlington Catholic Var/JV Tighe
Ashland Var/JV Benson
Assabet Valley Reg. Var/JV Benson
Attleboro Var/JV Benson
Auburn Var/JV Benson
Austin Prep Var/JV/Fr/MS/7th-8th Condon
B B & N Var/JV/MS Benson
B B & N Var Maguire
B.C. High Var/JV/Fr/MS/7th-8th Tighe
Bancroft Var Benson
Barnstable Var/JV Maguire
Bay Path Reg Voc/Tech Var/JV Benson
Beaver Country Day Var/JV/Fr/MS/7th-8th Condon
Bedford Var/JV Hill
Bellingham Var/JV Benson
Belmont  Var/JV Hill
Belmont Day School MS Tighe
Belmont Hill JV/FR/MS/3rd/4th/5th Benson
Belmont Hill Var Maguire
Beverly Var/JV Condon
Bigelow  MS MS Benson
Billerica Var/JV/Fr Hill
Bishop Feehan Var/JV Benson
Bishop Fenwick Var/JV Condon
Bishop Stang Var/JV Benson
Blackstone Valley Var/JV Benson
Blue Hills Regional Var/JV Tighe
Boston Latin Var/JV/Fr Hill
Boston Trinity Var Tighe
Bourne Var/JV Tighe
Braintree Var/JV Hill
Bridgewater-Raynham HS Var/JV Tighe
Brimmer & May Var Tighe
Bristol Plymouth Var/JV Tighe
Brookline Var/JV Benson
Brooks JV Condon
Brooks Var Maguire
Brookwood Var/JV Condon
Brown MS 8th Benson
Burlington Var/JV Hill
Cambridge R&L Var/JV Hill
Canton Var/JV Benson
Cape Cod Academy Var Tighe
Cape Cod Tech Var Tighe
Cardinal Spellman Var/JV Tighe
Carroll School Var/JV/Fr/4th Benson
Catholic Memorial Var/JV/Fr/MS Tighe
Central Catholic Var/JV Hill
Chapel Hill Var Tighe
Chelmsford Var/JV Hill
Cohasset Var/JV Maguire
Concord Academy Var Benson
Concord-Carlisle Var/JV/Fr Hill
Danvers Var Condon
Dartmouth Var/JV Tighe
Day  M.S. 8th Benson
Dedham Var Benson
Dedham Country Day MS/3rd/4th Tighe
Deighton-Rehoboth Regional Var/JV Tighe
Dennis-Yarmouth Var/JV Maguire
Derby Academy JV/MS/7th/8th Tighe
Dover-Sherborn Var/JV Benson
Dracut Var/JV Hill
Duxbury Var/JV/Fr Maguire
East Bridgewater Var/JV Maguire
Essex Technical Var/JV Condon
Exeter Academy Var/JV Condon
Fairhaven Var/JV Tighe
Falmouth Var/JV Maguire
Falmouth Academy Var/JV Tighe
Fay MS/3rd/4th Benson
Fenn School Var/JV/8th/7th Hill
Fessenden JV A/ JV B Benson
Fessenden Gray Var B/JV B Benson
Fessenden Red Var B/JV B Benson
Fessenden Var A Var Benson
Fessenden Var B Var B Benson
Fitchburg/Lunenburg Var/JV/Fr Benson
Foxborough Var/JV Benson
Framingham Var/JV/Fr Benson
Franklin HS Var/JV/Fr Benson
Friend's Academy 3rd/4th Tighe
Gann Academy Var Tighe
Glen Urquhart Var/JV Condon
Gloucester Var/JV Condon
Governor's Academy Var/JV Condon
Grafton Var/JV Benson
Greater Lowell Voke Var/JV Condon
Greater New Bedford Voke Var/JV Tighe
Groton School JV Benson
Groton School Var Maguire
Groton-Dunstable Var/JV Benson
Hamilton-Wenham Var/JV Condon
Hanover Var/JV Maguire
Haverhill Var/JV Hill
Hillside School Mid Benson
Hingham Var/JV A/JV B/Fr Maguire
Holliston Var/JV Benson
Hopkington Var/JV Benson
Hudson/Marlborough Var/JV Benson
Hull Var/JV Maguire
Ipswich Var/JV Condon
King Phillips Var/JV Benson
Landmark School Var Condon
Lawrence Academy Var Maguire
Lawrence Academy JV/Fr Benson
Leominster Var/JV Benson
Lexington Var/JV/Fr Hill
Lexington Christian Var/JV/8th Benson
Lincoln-Sudbury Var A/Var B/JV/Fr Hill
Littleton Var/JV Benson
Lowell Var/JV Hill
Lowell Catholic Var/JV Condon
Lunenburg Var/JV Benson
Lynn Classical/English/Tech Var Condon
Lynnfield Var/JV Condon
Malden/Everett Var Condon
Malden Catholic Var/JV/Fr Tighe
Manchester Essex Var/JV Condon
Mansfield Var/JV Benson
Marblehead Var/JV Condon
Marshfield Var/JV Maguire
Martha's Vineyard Var/JV Benson
Masconomet Var/JV Condon
Mashpee Var/JV Maguire
Matignon Var/JV Tighe
Meadowbrook MS Benson
Medfield Var/JV/Fr Benson
Medford Var/JV/Fr Condon
Medway Var/JV Benson
Melrose Var/JV Hill
Methuen Var/JV Hill
Metro Lacrosse Var/JV Tighe
Middleborough Var/JV Maguire
Middlesex JV Benson
Middlesex Var Maguire
Milford Var/JV Benson
Milton Var/JV Hill
Milton Academy JV/4th Tighe
Milton Academy Var Maguire
Minuteman Regional Var Condon
Monomoy Var/JV Tighe
Monty Tech/Sizer School Var/JV Benson
Mystic Valley Var Condon
Nantucket Var/JV Tighe
Nashoba Reg'l Var/JV Benson
Nashoba Valley Tech Var/JV Condon
Natick Var/JV/Fr Benson
Nativity Prep 4th Tighe
Nauset Var/JV Maguire
Navy Prep Var Condon
Needham Var/JV/Fr Hill
New Bedford Var/JV Tighe
Newburyport Var/JV Condon
Newton - Oak Hill MS MS Benson
Newton North Var/JV/Fr Hill
Newton South Var/JV Hill
Nipmuc Var/JV Benson
Noble&Greenough JV/MS Tighe
Noble&Greenough Var Maguire
North Andover Var/JV/Fr Hill
North Attleboro Var/JV Benson
North Middlesex Var/JV Benson
North Quincy Var/JV Maguire
North Reading Var/JV Condon
Northbridge Var/JV Benson
Northeast Regional Var Condon
Norton Var Benson
Norwell Var/JV Maguire
Norwood Var Benson
Oak Hill MS Benson
Oakmont Reg'l Var/JV Benson
Old Colony Reg Vok/Tech HS Var/JV Maguire
Old Rochester Regional HS Var/JV Tighe
Oliver Ames Var/JV Benson
Park Var/MS Tighe
Peabody Var/JV Condon
Pembroke Var/JV Maguire
Pentucket Var/JV Condon
Phillips Academy Var/JV/Fr/MS Condon
Pike Var/JV Condon
Pingree Var/JV Condon
Plymouth North Var/JV Maguire
Plymouth South Var/JV Maguire
Quincy Var/JV Maguire
Reading Var/JV/Fr Hill
Revere Var Condon
Rivers JV/MS Benson
Rivers Var Maguire
Rockland Var/JV Maguire
Roxbury Latin JV/MS Tighe
Roxbury Latin Var Maguire
Saint John Paul II Var Maguire
Salem Var/JV Condon
Sandwich Var/JV/Fr Maguire
Saugus Var Condon
Scituate Var/JV Maguire
Shady Hill MS Tighe
Sharon Var/JV Benson
Shawsheen Var/JV Condon
Shepherd Hill Var/JV Benson
Shore CD Var/JV/MS Condon
Shrewsbury Var/JV Benson
Silver Lake Var/JV Maguire







South Shore Voke Tech Var/JV Tighe
Southeastern Regional Var/JV Tighe
St. Bernard's Var/JV Benson
St. George's Var/JV Maguire
St. John's Prep Var/JV/Fr/MS Condon
St. John's Shrewsbury Var/JV/Fr Benson
St. Mark's JV Benson
St. Mark's Var Maguire
St. Mary's-Lynn Var/JV Condon
St. Paul's Var/JV Maguire
St. Sebastian's JV/MS/5th Tighe
St. Sebastian's Var Maguire
Stoneham Var/JV Hill
Stoughton Var/JV Benson
Sturgis Charter East Var/JV Tighe
Sturgis Charter West Var/JV Tighe
Swampscott Var/JV Condon
Tabor Var/JV Maguire
Tantasqua Reg'l Var/JV Benson
Taunton Var/JV Benson
Tewksbury Var/JV Hill
Thayer JV/MS Tighe
Thayer Var Maguire
Tech Boston Var Tighe
Tower Var/JV Condon
Tri-County Reg. Var/JV Benson
Trinity Academy Var Tighe
Triton Var/JV Condon
Tyngsboro Var/JV Benson
Upper Cape Regional Var/JV Maguire
Wachusett Var/JV Benson
Wakefield Var/JV Hill
Walpole Var/JV/Fr Benson
Waltham Var/JV/Fr Hill
Waring Var/JV Condon
Watertown Var/JV Hill
Wayland Var/JV Hill
Wellesley Var/JV/Fr Benson
Westborough Var/JV Benson
Westford Academy Var/JV Hill
Westport Var/JV Tighe
Weston Var/JV/Fr/MS Hill
Westwood Var/JV Benson
Weymouth Var/JV/Fr Hill
Whitman-Hanson Var/JV Maguire
Whittier Reg'l Voke Var/JV Condon
Wilmington Var/JV/Fr Hill
Winchendon Var Benson
Winchester Var/JV/Fr Hill
Winthrop Var/JV Condon
Woburn Var/JV Hill
Worcester Var Benson
Worcester Acad Var/JV/Fr/MS Benson
Xaverian Var/JV/Fr/MS




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