EMLOA Eastern MA Lacrosse Officials
EMLOA Eastern MA Lacrosse Officials

EMLOA Compliance Complete      2024                                                         

Phase 1 compliance requirements

  • Dues payment    $85 yearly      See instructions and Payment tab on home page
  • USLacrosse membership    $55  $60    www.uslacrosse.org    Rule books are no longer included for free.  You are welcome to purchase, but we believe the 2023 book will be suffiecent with  the handout we will present March 3
  • MIAA registration  (yearly and for each sport you officate)          https://app.arbitersports.com/registration/official?org=8012&role=3&GroupID=110185                                
  • USALacrosse test             see power point slide presentation at bottom of this page for step by step instructions to get to the test. Printable vesion also available at bottom of page

Most up to date info below

ledger of abreviations

  • Meeting locations  C-Cape (Bourne)  M-Marlboro  D-Dedham  W-Woburn
  • Dues    O-On line payment    C-payment by check  V-Venmo   LOA-leave of absence (inactive)       
  • MIAA & USLax   X-icon visible in Arbiter     blank-no icon visible
  • points     must accumulate 7        a-reported absence

Compliance Roster updated after each week's meetings 

Most recent update   April 12, 2024


attendance thru Meeting 2 for website.xl[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [36.6 KB]

Information below to help you get to the test or to view a hard copy

PP 2024 NFHS test via USALacrosse.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [8.4 MB]

Printable version of NFHS test

NFHS 50 question test for 2024.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [497.4 KB]
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