Eastern MA Lacrosse Officials Association
Eastern MA Lacrosse Officials Association

Mentor /Mentee Expectations

What's expected of the Mentees?

Make initial contact with Mentor with Yes, I'd like help,


    or No, I am all set



Future Topics


Uniform, what to wear and when?  Where to get


Who is my contact for youth games?


Who is my contact for high school games?


Is Meadowbrook really a varsity game?


Arbiter--How do I find…..


I had a problem with a coach? A partner?


Did I do this right? 


What should I do differently?


What's expected of the Mentors?

Make initial contact to be sure Mentee would like your support




Future Topics


How can I help you?


Are you getting youth games?  Do you want youth games?


Same for high school?


Are you available?  Info up to date in Arbiter?


Are you asking partner for help?  Questions during games?


Are coaches being respectful? 


Have you made a mistake?  Admitted to it?  Learned from it?


Have you gone back to the rule book to look things up after a game?

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